Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rockets Taking Off

IMG_6126 by shanleytulip
IMG_6126, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

I'm nervously waiting for the quilt in the washer. Hopefully the bright red stripes on the back stay on the back. I've put in two Color Catchers and we'll see how it goes in another hour or so.

It's quilted all over with a rcoketships, stars and planets pantograph which went with the design really well. I had just enough of one of the blue prints to bind the whole thing and was able to finish up the hand sewing this weekend since I didn't actually move as I had expected. Back to projects put on hold and organizing my sewing room now.


  1. i get the nervous feeling- i don't prewash. such a rebel, i know. (haha.) but i can't be bothered with all that extra ironing! never had any major problems from it though.

  2. Sooooo amazing! I'm am floored by how stinkin' cute it came out. So bright, hopeful and bursting with love. Oh my dear, you've outdone yourself and he's going to love it. :)

  3. OH..KAY! this is DOG-gone cute!! I really like the color combinations's boy-cute...I always feel just a weee beeet frustrated because there aren't even half as many cute "male" quilts as "female" ones. SEW glad to see this one. =)


  4. Update... I saw his mom on Tuesday. He's just waiting for a scan to check if he's cancer-free. So relieved I cried. Fingers still crossed, but it's looking good. They are hoping he'll be able to start preschool next month! Wyatt is anxious to have his buddy back.