Monday, January 21, 2013

Farm Animal Flannel

Brilliant quilt name, I know. I bet you can't guess it's origin. This is a really old quilt top. I would guess Aught Nine or so. I started consolidating my flannel scraps in December and found this completed top with flannel four patches and farm animal mid weight fabric that I got in LA for cheap. I didn't have any trouble with the different weights on the quilting. The big squares got stippling and the four patches are just diagonal lines straight through.

It was 48 x 48 before washing and I will have to check if it shrunk much.

The backing is a lime green dot that I had on hand. Flannel, of course. This was other one on my FAL list so hooray for that.

No definite home for this one but I ordered dorky new labels so it will stay here until those show up.

It's my second finish for the month and shared a photo shoot with the Jungle quilt.

That's three out of ten so far but I think February might be slower due to a trip to Austin for QuiltCon.

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