Saturday, June 9, 2012


Since we've been bike riding and chasing cats around here lately, it was time that Matty Spice had a leash that wasn't about to snap in half. I've been looking for a replacement since she came home from gramma's house. The cable leads the other dogs use can really saw through things.

I used some heavy fusible interfacing and two strips of one of my favorite Jenean Morrison orange delightfulness. I seriously love this leash. I might scotch guard the hell out of it soon to help it stay cheery.

Sorry mom, this leash won't be coming up to your house...probably ever.

Edited: 6/16/12  And now she has a matching collar.  I lost two seam rippers to it but I think it's worth it.  She was not so excited about trying it on 17 times while I figured out the size.  

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