Saturday, June 9, 2012

LA Modern Quilt Guild

Annette came up with the brilliant idea of going to one of the LA Modern Quilt Guild meetings since they are close to her house. So I put on my driving gloves and headed to Santa Monica. I don't know what was more fun, seeing her current projects and cute little sewing space, meeting her quilty neighbor Brian, or going to such a motivational meeting. It's a large group and we didn't get there in time to get a seat.

The meetings are held at Sew Modern in LA and in this picture the owner, Lauren, is talking about Quilt Market and all the great new fabrics coming up. She passed out bundles of all sorts of new lines for us to see including the new Liberty (which feels delightful although the design doesn't call out to me).

Show and tell was amazing! So many talented sewists out there. I think the one being held up in the picture here consists of blocks from one of the group events. Someone brings in scraps and everyone makes a quick block.

I did pick up a few fabrics but most awesome was that I won a door prize!! A little pack of the new Kona solids! Hooray! I love it!

The only problem with the meeting is that it is at the beginning of the week and I had to go to work instead of sew all day.

Thanks for organizing us, Annette!


  1. How fun, hope you got some good ideas to share with us....

  2. Oh what a great meeting! I don't have a local MQG unfortunately. Can't imagine anything better than a whole room of quilt obsessed people!