Sunday, April 22, 2012

Robot Strips

I'm already posting my first finish of the quarter because of my vacation time.

I had a few of the robots print by Caleb Grey, it's an organic line and perfect for a quick baby blanket. Which is all I can quilt at the moment because my frame is set up at half size.

I quilted it up with random rectangles and squares. If you know where to look in the picture above, I included the word 'love' in the quilting as usual but didn't loop the letters so they blended better.

I took it along on my trip to have something to do while flying and driving since I wasn't in charge of either of those. The backing is a blue flannel that i had on hand. I think from Sam's quilt.

I donated it to a quilt shop in Kona, HI for their guild (I think Aloha Quilters) to gift to a child in foster care. Always a worthwhile cause.
It was nice for me to have something to do and nice to show my friend traveling with me that there is a purpose in my quilting. He may not want one still but he knows the term 'fat quarter' and how nice it is when someone's face lights up when handed a quilt.

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  1. Love it! The fabrics are gorgeous and the quilting is great :)