Monday, September 26, 2011

Grand Bazaar Layout

Grand Bazaar Layout by shanleytulip
Grand Bazaar Layout, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

Since I actually have something on a design wall on Monday, why not link up?

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Intarsia Hexagon

Intarsia Hexagon by shanleytulip
Intarsia Hexagon, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

I had a great coupon today for the fabric store and had to go use it. With my wallet this time. I stopped in after work Thursday and got some red fabric I needed/wanted for a set of presents that I'm working on. Unfortunately I didn't actually leave the house with my wallet on Thursday. So they kindly put it aside and I went back to collect it this morning.

I used my coupon, picked up a triangle ruler and pulled out some yellow fabric scraps to try it. I didn't think it through when I decided to sew them all together and had to pull out my mad intarsia sewing skills.

Now, most people might call these y seams or inset seams or to be avoided at all cost seams. However, my mom is an excellent knitter and can do fancy intarsia knitting. I've no idea what that actually is so I call all fancy knitting intarsia. This is a fancy seam so I have also renamed it intarsia.

I know, I barely make sense to myself.

And yes that is my puppy napping on my lap, it helps her make sure that I don't jump up and run out of the house without her. She has a rough life.

I've no idea what I'll do with this little bit of sunshine but I'm sure something will come up.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Math

Start of Wonky Star by shanleytulip
Start of Wonky Star, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

I learned some new math recently.

One (1) panicky dog who needs to alert me to danger five times in the middle of the night. She needed to protect us from immediate danger but not without me going out back with her. I'm pretty sure the danger was a skunk and some wind.

Add eight (8) white squares and nine (9) scraps picked out in the wee hours of the morning.

Multiply by one (1) super full glass of wine and it equals one more wonky star block for the guild donation quilt.

Start of Wonky Star by shanleytulip
Start of Wonky Star, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

One more and we'll have enough squares for a blanket.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lemon Squares Bound

Lemon Squares Bound by shanleytulip
Lemon Squares Bound, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

I had a looooong day of jury duty today and decided to fully dork out and take a quilt with me to bind. I finished up the Lemon Squares quilt. I've just got to dig up the label from somewhere around here. If I can trick someone into holding up for me this weekend, I'll post a full picture soon.

Hmm, that seems to be a common thread on posts lately. It might be time to dig out my pulleys too and set up a photo spot. Maybe on my new front porch, that should fancy up the neighborhood.

You can kinda see in this picture that I decided to try pebbling in the white spaces. On the yellow squares I stitched in some lemons. Cause I take quilt names literally.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Quilts

Wedding Quilts by shanleytulip
Wedding Quilts, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

It's not a closeup but here are all 6 quilts that I made for my sister's wedding. They are made from Kona solids and I just pieced things randomly. They are big, about 72 x 90 or so each.

They came in handy because it was quite cold at the reception.

Hopefully I'll get some closeups at some point. Since I sent them out to the rest of my family to be bound, I never took any final pictures of these quilts.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to It

Back to It by shanleytulip
Back to It, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

I think I was planning on making a quilt of 20 blocks but particularly after having the Going Coastal Tiles up yesterday, this seems quite small. I guess it depends on how tired I get of making the flying geese. This would be the pieces of just over half of the blocks. I've quit putting the whole block together because I think I'll need to swap those pieces around to balance the quilt as well.

In other news, I've settled on a plain gray flannel for the back of my Sunkissed quilt. It's either that or risk never finding flannel of the right color.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Going Coastal

IMG_3116.JPG by shanleytulip
IMG_3116.JPG, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

I'm a little under the weather this weekend still (think 2 hour nap for every two hours upright) but this pattern has gone together really quickly. If you use this pattern, I recommend putting together a little fabric map like my last post, it was really helpful in keeping track. The blocks are large so it was easier not to put them up on the design wall. I'm as far as I can go without the last fabric I need. It's on order though so after my next nap, I'll pack it up and move on to something else. It's not like I don't have a few other projects in the works, right?

I love the dark gray as the grout for these tiles and may use it as the binding as well.

IMG_3116.JPG by shanleytulip
IMG_3116.JPG, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Back by shanleytulip
Back, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

The wedding was a success and I'm back home again. It rained this morning and then got muggy, still and hot but I started a plan for a new quilt. It's using a pattern from Stitched in Color and I decided to try the layout with small scraps since I don't have all the fabric and they are good sized squares.

If I can track down pictures of the wedding quilts, I'll post those as well.