Friday, February 12, 2016

Rosebuds Baby

I'm on a roll, another quilt finished.   My darling parents got me a couple of groovy boards for Christmas last year and the pattern mom picked was rosebuds.   I didn't have any finished quilt tops that needed rosebuds so came up with a quick 4 patch alternating with white (aka Kona Bone).

All fabrics I had on hand and just seemed to get along well.   The yellow I used previously for handles for an Aeroplane bag a bit ago, And I didn't notice that I had cut long strips off the selvage side so I could have made this a bit quicker.

The back is still the same flannel from my Starburst quilt because it was close at hand and just the right size.   With this and the next baby quilt I'll finish, I used the last of the big batting pieces so yay for that.

Of course, I quilted the word love right in, I'm glad I remembered to go back in there and add it in before it came off the quilting frame.
Here's a good picture of the design.   
And I bound it in the same green swirls from the front squares since that also went well with the back.
Quilting after washing -
It crinkled up really nicely and is a lovely 35 x 40 inch baby quilt.

It's a sweet little quilt and if that's right up your alley, it's listed Etsy shop, Carriage House Quilter .

Groovy Board setup -