Friday, May 28, 2010

A Perfect Storm

TFLN, Loomtack and Scraps, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

Now that this gift was received I can post about it. This was the result of one of my cousins sending me random websites. This is a melding of three of those websites into one useless item.

First, she sent me a site called where you can print your own fabric designs on yardage of cotton or linen or stuff. They have weekly design contests and one we really liked had cute little birdies.

Then, I got a site called This has gems from people's text messages like "I just recycled a years worth of liquor bottles. I can feel my alcoholic carbon footprint shrinking" and much much worse.

Lastly, to bring it all together, was a site called I stalked it for a little while until they had a fantastic sale and then got a roll to try. You can print to any fabric with your home printer.


A 10 inch square something with three little birdies and a scrappy border and the talking points below.

Yellow birdy:
You seriously don't know? He was trying to arrest you and you were shouting that you were being punk'd. Punk'd? that show got canceled like 5 years ago.

Green birdy:
My facebook is like a giant collection of my one night stands.

Violet birdy:
Stripper fight on main stage. It just happened. And it was glorious.

She likes it :)


  1. Hilarious and clever...really enjoying your blog this morning. Just found it by logging on to, searching their "helpful links", opening up San Diego Modern Quilters's site, and then happening upon your blog. Such is the winding path of the internet search - for a point A to point B girl, like me, searching like this is excruciating, but sometimes I find what I am looking for, and like a mitered-corner binding, it is lovely when it happens.

  2. Ohmahgooniss, how did I JUST see this?! I mean, I see the real deal every day but this just made me feel all smooshy inside. Birdies say hey!