Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going Coastal Christmas

The giant quilt I made for my brother's family is getting lots of use already. There seems to be some confusion on sharing but these two seem to have come to an understanding.
Thanks to my mom, the binding was on Christmas Eve morning and we even had time to wash and dry just in time for present opening. Christmas was saved (actually saved about 42 times, so that's nice).
The pattern is a modified version of a pattern by Stitched in Color with a few extra rows at the bottom since I found it to be really wide but not long enough.  Easy peasy to adjust though.

I still really love that fabric and have a plan for another quilt here soon.

P.S. This was finished quilt number 17 for 2011.  I am a bit behind on blogging still though.


  1. Fantastic quilt and cute picture!! 17 quilts?!!! WOW! Happy New Year :)

  2. Hard to see Aerith in that picture.

  3. Get started on Lightning's too. We are not sharing this one with her.

  4. Dear Anonymous, sharing is caring. And she might be nice. Let's meet her first.

    PS. You took the picture and blocked Aerith with her doppelganger. Send me another.

  5. Congrats on 17 quilts! But why do you need so many quilts to cover up under since the weather is always so nice in SoCal...?! :-))
    I'm looking forward to all your projects in 2012!