Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Progress

It seems like every year when I figure out a goal (or two) for my sewing that I happen across others with the same general plan. Last year it was not buying fabric for a few months and there were plenty of people trying the same resolution.*
I've spent the last week or so focusing on not starting new projects since I ended the year with at least 15 projects in the works. The number may seem high but the urge to finish is pretty common on blogs this year. So I've updated my Excel spreadsheet and made some neat piles. I'm linking up to the Finish Along at Quilter in the Gap for the first quarter. Here are my projects to be completed -

It is kinda a mug shot setup with the front and side views but there are six projects there.

1. Summer Takeout
2. Arabella Diamonds
3. Sunkissed Jelly Roll Magic
4. Triangle Quilt, Triangle Quilt, Doing the Things a Triangle Can
5. Grand Bazaar
6. Origins HST (with the border fabric hanging in the back

The last two need backing fabric still.**

Oh and the turtle quilt top that I gave away for Christmas and brought back home to finish. Because that's classy.

However, my main goal this year is not to sew with any deadlines, I did enough of that in 2011. So we will see what gets done without pressure.

Oh and I will be starting a new project that makes me giggle tomorrow. Or next week.

*Please ignore the full shelves in the following pictures. I mostly succeeded.
**Again, can I say that there are not enough flannel choices out there?


  1. I can't wait to see your finished projects. If you only have this many than I am very impressed. I think I will list all my UFOs just to make all the linked up people feel better! Yep, watch my blog for this list at the end of the week.

  2. Shanley that is quite a lot!! Glad that you're not putting pressure on yourself! Just enjoy the process and imagine how rewarded you'll feel once they're done :)

  3. So many quilt tops! I had a stack similar to that last summer and managed to get them done, one after one...and the quilting improves with each one! Good Luck!

  4. Wait a minute, do those triangles hate particles?