Sunday, August 14, 2011

Planning her Escape

IMG_3003 by shanleytulip
IMG_3003, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.
Sometimes it's hard being a dog. Especially a dog in my house. I used a couple scraps from a holiday pack I got ages ago to make a kid's apron. It is a straight forward pattern but I first cut the blue snowmen upside down and didn't have enough to recut it, so I modified things and it pretty much worked out.

I also ended up piecing the lining fabric since I didn't have any chunks large enough. The neck strap has elastic in it which worked well for dressing my model.

I couldn't stop laughing long enough to get a good picture of Matilda doing a meerkat stance but still, it cracks me up.

IMG_3003 by shanleytulip
Homemaker Matilda, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

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