Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sew Fresh Fabrics Bee Block

Sew Fresh Fabrics Bee Block, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

I was sitting here this morning and thinking about redoing this block because it didn't quite turn out as expected. We fought a lot and I ripped it apart a couple of times. It's loosely based on the Oh Fransson mod mosaic tutorial. Loosely because I basically read the directions and then did one step right before veering off into crazy.

Crazy in this case was piecing the giraffe from two bits. Which is my favorite part of the block. But it kinda threw off the rest of the block with the odd angles. Eventually though I got enough pieces sewn together to cut out a 12 1/2" square. I called it done and started the search for my micron pen to do the signature for the back of the quilt.

Just as I'd decided to just make a new block though, I started to get really nice comments on Flickr. Yay for outside input to keep me sane :) Hopefully the brown and other bits I added go along well enough with the other blocks.


  1. Don't change a thing! Love it.

  2. It looks great with all the modern blocks, and it's #42!

  3. I really like it! You did a wonderful job with the giraffe.

  4. I love this block, no changin needed! Great with the brown. Thanks so much for submitting for the block party, we really had so much fun so THANK YOU!