Sunday, April 10, 2016

Second Quarter Finish Along - #2016FAL

For this year's finish along, I did finish 4 quilts and 1 small project completely in the first quarter and then adopted two giant schnauzers, ages 7 and 8.   AKA 160 pounds of we're really sad and not sure we remember that we're well behaved dogs.   So that's taken quite a bit of sewing time.  

I did get pretty far along on most Q1 projects though so I'm relisting those and adding quite a few.

  1. Birthday in Seville

  2. Minkee Blue and Green Kid

  3. Technicolor

  4. Terrain HSTs

  5. Cushion from the batting scraps

  6. Testing of the Clams

  7. Argyle from Turkey

  8. Flying Geese Bits

  9. Wayward Block Donation

  10. Slab Quilt

  11. Locket - Baby Size

  12. Orange Baby - backing off cuts from Technicolor

  13. Wedding Signatures - maybe, the wedding was this decade, I don't want to rush

  14. Pouch for HW

I'm not always realistic but I like a good set of goals.   And added bonus, one of the dogs already has bonded and has separation anxiety to the tune of pulling the minkee quilt partially off the frame and chewing a side.   So that's a smaller quilt to finish now.  

I don't have all the pictures on my phone but here's 9 of them.   Will add more as soon as I'm home.

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