Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Pink Really is the Best Color" - Aerith

After years of my niece telling me about the best color in the world, I've taken her advice and made a simple baby quilt for a new baby girl.    But I got sidetracked on the label so she's now more than 5 months old and I'm just ready to gift it.  I'll take it in to work tomorrow to her mom.

I freehanded swirls and hearts all over in pink thread.

I always like to quilt in a little love.   Sometimes a few other words too but you can always count on finding this in my quilts.

The back is a pink and grey chevron minky, its super super soft and this quilt is small enough that it didn't have a chance to stretch and shed too much.   It's a pain to work with but so worth it in some cases.

I have skills on the binding corners but not on trimming thread apparently.   Ah well, you can't have everything.

And finally . . . the label - 

So hooray for new baby girls!

Friday, August 21, 2015

All the Colors - Quilt for Sale

Because I do love starting new projects for no particular reason, I grabbed my stacks of 3 inch square scraps, gray linen print and white to make this quilt -

 See my awesome new quilt hanger on pulleys.    It also can be used to put up a shade or a movie screen.  I heart pulleys

It's not quite all the colors but close.    Had I put it together in the traditional method, it would be block called Jacob's Ladder.   But instead I pieced it all in squares, rectangles and half square trianges (yay trimming 64 of those).

I had the perfect amount of a great aqua flannel for the back and picked a dark red solid for the binding.   All fabrics I had on hand...for once.

The quilting was really fun, I just replaced the o-rings on Pippi, my longarm, so she was running smooth and easy.   It was fun to quilt and I did custom quilting with free hand flowers, loops and some ruler work lines.   It looks great but I may be biased.

It finished at 60" x 60" before washing and would make a great couch quilt.  Listed on etsy . . . I think I hope it sells . . . .
Etsy Listing

I'm also going to start taking in other people's quilt tops to quilt now.   Finally have the carriage house studio set up enough for that.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marshmallow's Quilt

In a bunch of marathon sewing sessions, I was able to complete this quilt for a friend's dad.   He's a Chicago Bears fan and I had permission to use just the colors but ended up drawing up my own pixel version of their logo (minus the bear, I'm only regular crazy).  It worked out pretty well with just two inset seams to fuss with and the background is all the navy fabric I could find including some stolen from my BFF's house.

Secret messages were quilted in various spots, of course.

I'm pretty happy with the overall texture, it's organic, varied zigs with bits of bubbles, squiggles and stars thrown in.   The orange was a loose back and forth to tie it all together.

 Even bears have to eat so I used some big chunks of my favorite orange deer fabric.

 The back is flannel (of course) and crazy bright chevrons which I didn't match up very well but the hope is that he'll find it cheery and happy.   

A quickly attached label (so that my friend couldn't pretend she made it) and a QR code to this blog were finished up Friday night and it made it up to her house and then to him just in time for Father's Day.   I've always loved the stories she tells about her dad, particularly the adventures they've had in Kenya.  He's got a great sense of humor and is so supportive of her work in Kenya ( so was glad I could do something for him as he faces a big challenge.

 Happy rolled up goodness!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project Linus

I've got another nice stack of quilts ready to go to our local Project Linus group. Here is the latest which I started late Friday night as I was too twitchy to sleep. Quilted up on Saturday with a bunch of new motifs and machine bound on Sunday with lots of breaks because I hate doing that. Pictures galore!