Friday, August 21, 2015

All the Colors - Quilt for Sale

Because I do love starting new projects for no particular reason, I grabbed my stacks of 3 inch square scraps, gray linen print and white to make this quilt -

 See my awesome new quilt hanger on pulleys.    It also can be used to put up a shade or a movie screen.  I heart pulleys

It's not quite all the colors but close.    Had I put it together in the traditional method, it would be block called Jacob's Ladder.   But instead I pieced it all in squares, rectangles and half square trianges (yay trimming 64 of those).

I had the perfect amount of a great aqua flannel for the back and picked a dark red solid for the binding.   All fabrics I had on hand...for once.

The quilting was really fun, I just replaced the o-rings on Pippi, my longarm, so she was running smooth and easy.   It was fun to quilt and I did custom quilting with free hand flowers, loops and some ruler work lines.   It looks great but I may be biased.

It finished at 60" x 60" before washing and would make a great couch quilt.  Listed on etsy . . . I think I hope it sells . . . .
Etsy Listing

I'm also going to start taking in other people's quilt tops to quilt now.   Finally have the carriage house studio set up enough for that.

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