Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Pink Really is the Best Color" - Aerith

After years of my niece telling me about the best color in the world, I've taken her advice and made a simple baby quilt for a new baby girl.    But I got sidetracked on the label so she's now more than 5 months old and I'm just ready to gift it.  I'll take it in to work tomorrow to her mom.

I freehanded swirls and hearts all over in pink thread.

I always like to quilt in a little love.   Sometimes a few other words too but you can always count on finding this in my quilts.

The back is a pink and grey chevron minky, its super super soft and this quilt is small enough that it didn't have a chance to stretch and shed too much.   It's a pain to work with but so worth it in some cases.

I have skills on the binding corners but not on trimming thread apparently.   Ah well, you can't have everything.

And finally . . . the label - 

So hooray for new baby girls!

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