Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 FAL

I'm trying to do this right at the very last minute - oops :)

Here's the 10 projects I hope to finish by the end of March.

In order pictured above -
1. Birthday Seville - needs the border, quilting, binding and labeling
2. Pixelated Pink Heart - squares cut and laid out but needs the top pieced, etc
3.  Terrain Stepping Stones - just need to finish quilting in the prints, etc
4.  Christmas Curved Table Runner - just the binding
5.  Starbursts - binding and a little bit of (re)quilting, labeling
6.  Natural History - binding, labeling, gifting
7.  Rosebuds - can't show the top but will be quilted with this new Groovy Board
8.  Technicolor - backing, quilting, binding, etc
9.  Project Linus Minkee - finish top, etc
10. Pillow - I made the whole form from batting scraps, just need to cover it

That should do it.   Plus I shall start 75 other projects.

Linking up with Elven Garden Quilts, even though I suspect that the comments are not true on that particular post and that she is not actually a great spell caster.  But just in case it is true, I'll check every day to see if my projects magically finished themselves.

2016 FAL

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