Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Finish-A-Long Round 2

I'm ready for another go at the Finish-A-Long so am putting my goals together and linking up with She Can Quilt and a bunch of other quilters with big plans.

Rather than repost photos of everything that is rolling over from last quarter, I'll link back to the first quarter post.

1. Red and Aqua Greek Crosses - I completed most of the quilting but need to finish then bind and gift. I may change up the recipient now though.

2. Grand Bazaar Square Dance - top and backing are ready to go. This one is for me. Please look away from my list last January, this was on it. Keep looking away.

3. Origins Original - quilting is done now. I need to pick out binding still.

4. Argyle from Turkey - the top is one piece so it's done, I sorted out the backing so can quilt it like crazy.

5. Rainbow Strips - top stage as well. I haven't decided on backing yet and only partially decided on the quilting. No movement at all. But I know where it is. Fancy, right?

6. N's Great Aunt's Dresden - binding in process.

And next up are the new contenders for this round -

7. Amy Butler baby quilt - just binding left on this one. Photo from our March guild meeting.
March 10th Meeting
8. Rainbow Explosion - partially completed top at this point but these are just some of the charms I added to the swap charms.

9. Terrain Half Square Triangles - top done, backing ready to be pieced.

10. Madrona Road Challenge - I 'finished' the top for the challenge but as I was going to start quilting it I realized that it really did want to be bigger.

11. SD Bee Starbursts - I have all the blocks from my bee but need to make a few more for the top.
SD Bee Blocks

12. Fruit Slices - still designing the top but backing is ready to go at least. This is just a piece since it will likely change up again.

It's good to start with big dreams, right? And ignore the fact that we are already two weeks through the first quarter.  And not mention the backing, quilting and binding I'm working on for a friend.   Yep, it's all totally and completely reasonable.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jungle Links Quilt

Gifted on Friday and the baby isn't even 3 months old. That's practically on time, right?

I quilted different designs in each color link. Then straight lines through the gray light dots.

The green dots are a flannel that I had in my stash.

This quilt made possible through the generous support of Jim's garage.