Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Parson Grey

Another finish for the month. This one is labeled, washed and gifted up toward (if not to) it's new home. I wanted to use a big block for these prints and also to make it up quick. The guy it is for broke both his ankles this year.

It ended up about 63 x 88 which was quite handy since I was arguing with someone about how big a 64 x 84 quilt might be. Nevermind that I was stitching the binding on this quilt during the argument. Quilt math is hard. Always buy 6 yards to back a quilt. Even a baby quilt.

The backing is a wonderful gray flannel that I got on sale at Beverly's. they rarely carry manly flannel so I was happy to find it.

Nerd alert! Gotta love a QR Code. :)

I quilted really organic shapes in each of the three shapes in the disappearing nine patch. Seed pods for the rectangles, crosses for the little squares and ripples for the big squares.

This quilt made possible through the generous support of Jim's garage.

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  1. Beautiful quilt! Well done! Thanks for sharing.