Monday, August 27, 2012

I Mustache You to Have a Happy Birthday

My brother turned 40 last week so I made him a skull quilt from the Dare to be Square book by Boo Davis. Nice, right? Lots of scraps including bits from other family member's quilts.

But wait, there's more!! This is the quilt that has been making me giggle. Why?

Changeable facial hair!!!!!!

While I don't know many of the words, I also sang a lot of Jimmy Buffet's Pencil Thin Mustache while working on this one.  For those that want it stuck in their head -

The backing is minkee and shows the diagonal quilting and the outline of the skull.

Super soft!

It ended up a nice 58 x 70 size.  And I also made a pillowcase to go along with it. To be really fancy, I used French seams.

Happy Birthday, Shad!


  1. That is great! I love this pattern and the green is fabulous. And the mustaches? To die for. So cute. And manly, of course. Just awesome.

  2. So.much.greatness. Full of awesome, made of win! Turns out, 40's pretty rad so one really should celebrate with a rad quilt with rad skulls and 'staches from one's rad sister. Especially if one's name is Shadrad...that's how it's spelled, right?

  3. OMG, that is so funny and cool at the same time! Love it. I've had that book on my Amazon wish list for awhile. I think I may have to go ahead and buy it.