Saturday, September 1, 2012

Circle-y Zippy Thing

I'd been meaning to try this headphone case tutorial for awhile and Sunday morning seemed like as good a time as any. I had a recipient in mind but when I pulled out a bin of scraps, this fabric begged to be used. I used my circle cutter to fussy cut the mermaid and then based my sizing on that for the rest of the pieces.

I used a pink scrap for the lining and tried to serge the inside edges but it turns out the serger doesn't like circles. So I just zig zagged the edges with the thread color in my regular sewing machine. It shows a little. Lazy usually does.

Anyway, it's been sent off as a back to school present although I suspect it will be pirated by a little someone.

Now I need more jump rings. And a smoother circle. Actually I have a few small changes planned for the next one.

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