Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Done, One Started

Project Linus Stars, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

Project Linus Two, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.
Two of the Project Linus quilts are done and washed. The third is in having the binding hand stitched now. Since those are ready to go onto the children, I decided to start another.

Ticker Tape Twin Backing, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

This is part of the backing.  I really wanted it to be flannel and I really didn't want to buy any more flannel.  So I cut 5 rectangles from these and then put the circle bright stuff on both ends.  This is going to be a twin size based on crazy mom's ticker tape wall hanging.

Ticker Tape Twin, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

This is the first section of a 66 x 102 quilt.  Again, I really like the bits of other quilts that this reminds me I made.   I do have this loaded on the frame right now and it goes pretty quick.  I don't think I have enough scraps to finish though.  Maybe it will end up being a strata of a few months/years.  Maybe I'll start snipping bits from my stash though.

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