Saturday, May 1, 2010

It has handlebars

It has handlebars, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.
Here's how conversations about my new toy usually go with all the fellas I know.
Me: Yeah, I got a big new sewing machine.
Fella: (yawn)
Someone else: It has handlebars.
Fella: Really, that's cool.
Me: And a laser light.
Fella: WOW! I want to see that.

But my dad's the only fella to try it so far. He was working on his Project Linus, Disney Give a Day, Get a Day quilt. It was great, I just wanted to do something simple but before too long he was even using the right terminology, "I'm going to outline Mother Goose so she really pops".


It was cool how quick it all went with three of us working on it. I'm the ghost on the left looking for a good binding material.

We found that in my stash but not the backing, we had to walk up to the local fabric store to find something that worked.

I'll post finished pictures when they get the binding on.

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