Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Starbursts quit - Finished

I'm a bit surprised myself.

That it's actually finished.

This was originally started as part of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild (founding member right here, y'all) SD Bee.   And I hoped to finish in 2013.   C'est la vie.   I'm very happy with how it turned out.   Even though my BFF made me pick a hard to manage quilting pattern.   With starbursts.

Lots of photos to follow - wear sunglasses.  I like 'em bright.

First, Matilda had to pose.   This was her own choice and she did a great job looking surprised.   Or bored.   Or something.  Unless she's bouncing, it's hard to tell.

And the whole thing up on the pulley quilt hanging system that I built for this, or for hanging a shade over the carriage house doors, or for putting up a movie screen.   Or whatever, because pulleys are awesome.  Although I do need a different pole.   Things are heavy.

In the center of each diamond is a 9 pointed starburst.   Why?   I had someone over when I was starting and she didn't like regular stars.   I'm somewhat certain my friends are all in a competition to see who can get me to do the craziest thing.   Who wins?  Everyone.

I extended the lines out from the points and then alternated three designs in the sections.   Big figure eights, wavy lines and swirls.  I didn't think about the fact that in some areas, to complete a section I had to advance the quilt top to get the whole design in.   And then reverse because the quilt is HUGE and there were a million diamonds.  Or maybe it's 92 x 105 inches.   

I bought 3 different yards of fabric for the binding and then used something I already had.   This is one of the reasons why I'm about to run out of fabric.

And this is another of the 2016 FAL planned projects.  Or rather I should say hoped for finishes.  I am only about 1/2 way through at the moment.

Work is Slowing me Down

I'd rather be doing this at the moment.