Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marshmallow's Quilt

In a bunch of marathon sewing sessions, I was able to complete this quilt for a friend's dad.   He's a Chicago Bears fan and I had permission to use just the colors but ended up drawing up my own pixel version of their logo (minus the bear, I'm only regular crazy).  It worked out pretty well with just two inset seams to fuss with and the background is all the navy fabric I could find including some stolen from my BFF's house.

Secret messages were quilted in various spots, of course.

I'm pretty happy with the overall texture, it's organic, varied zigs with bits of bubbles, squiggles and stars thrown in.   The orange was a loose back and forth to tie it all together.

 Even bears have to eat so I used some big chunks of my favorite orange deer fabric.

 The back is flannel (of course) and crazy bright chevrons which I didn't match up very well but the hope is that he'll find it cheery and happy.   

A quickly attached label (so that my friend couldn't pretend she made it) and a QR code to this blog were finished up Friday night and it made it up to her house and then to him just in time for Father's Day.   I've always loved the stories she tells about her dad, particularly the adventures they've had in Kenya.  He's got a great sense of humor and is so supportive of her work in Kenya ( so was glad I could do something for him as he faces a big challenge.

 Happy rolled up goodness!