Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hearts and Bones, My Heart is Full of Love, Etc

I came home from the holidays all sorts of sick.   Thanks plane!   So I was too tired to work on an epic project I'd started in early December, it takes brain power and lots of ups and downs to the ironing station.   So I pulled out a stack of pink 2 1/2 inch squares and grabbed the first piece of flannel I could reach.   It turned out to be about a yard of pink/purple Valori Wells delight.   Since the epic project also involves pixels, I tried a pixelated heart layout.

That seemed doable so I set about to find a background.   Since awhile ago I bought a bolt of Kona Snow, except oops, it was Kona Bone, I decided to use some of that up.   Hence the possible title as a nod to Paul Simon's Hearts and Bones.  

Working a few bits here and there as my energy and coughing levels allowed, I finished up the top, happened to find a perfectly sized batting scrap at the top of the pile and loaded it on Pippi for some quilting.  After another nap, I decided to quilt the word "love" over and over in the heart.   Since I'm super literal and all.   Marking out straight lines for diamonds worked out for the background and then I bound it in more pink, Oval Elements.   Please see this post if you are unclear on why.

Finished at

I really like how it turned out and if you do too, it's now up and listed in my Etsy shop, Carriage House Quilter  - SOLD.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Natural History Baby

A colleague recently welcomed a new baby boy into their family so I made a little gift for them.

Most of the fabrics are Lizzy House Natural History.   It's all delightful and made a really fun and colorful top.   I used this pattern sort of, adjusting for size based on the cuts I felt like making.

It's a nice size at 44 x 55 (ish) and backed with two bits of flannel that got along well with the front.   I quilted all over in a slightly more complicated swirl pattern.   I'm really comfortable with swirls.   Even though I thought I was starting another pattern, I naturally went back to this.  I think it turned out well for this one.

Binding is a green quilter's linen print from my stash.

The baby was born early this year and the quilt gifted as soon as I got over the plague.  So that's an improvement over the last one.    I don't want to get too wacky and finish things before people are borned.

I finally started using my awesome quilt labels from my BFF along with the nerdy QR codes I had printed at Spoonflower.

This is also from my 2016 quarter one Finish Along hosted by Elven Garden Quilts, etc.   I went with a huge list this quarter so let's see how well it works out.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 FAL

I'm trying to do this right at the very last minute - oops :)

Here's the 10 projects I hope to finish by the end of March.

In order pictured above -
1. Birthday Seville - needs the border, quilting, binding and labeling
2. Pixelated Pink Heart - squares cut and laid out but needs the top pieced, etc
3.  Terrain Stepping Stones - just need to finish quilting in the prints, etc
4.  Christmas Curved Table Runner - just the binding
5.  Starbursts - binding and a little bit of (re)quilting, labeling
6.  Natural History - binding, labeling, gifting
7.  Rosebuds - can't show the top but will be quilted with this new Groovy Board
8.  Technicolor - backing, quilting, binding, etc
9.  Project Linus Minkee - finish top, etc
10. Pillow - I made the whole form from batting scraps, just need to cover it

That should do it.   Plus I shall start 75 other projects.

Linking up with Elven Garden Quilts, even though I suspect that the comments are not true on that particular post and that she is not actually a great spell caster.  But just in case it is true, I'll check every day to see if my projects magically finished themselves.

2016 FAL