Sunday, January 17, 2016

Natural History Baby

A colleague recently welcomed a new baby boy into their family so I made a little gift for them.

Most of the fabrics are Lizzy House Natural History.   It's all delightful and made a really fun and colorful top.   I used this pattern sort of, adjusting for size based on the cuts I felt like making.

It's a nice size at 44 x 55 (ish) and backed with two bits of flannel that got along well with the front.   I quilted all over in a slightly more complicated swirl pattern.   I'm really comfortable with swirls.   Even though I thought I was starting another pattern, I naturally went back to this.  I think it turned out well for this one.

Binding is a green quilter's linen print from my stash.

The baby was born early this year and the quilt gifted as soon as I got over the plague.  So that's an improvement over the last one.    I don't want to get too wacky and finish things before people are borned.

I finally started using my awesome quilt labels from my BFF along with the nerdy QR codes I had printed at Spoonflower.

This is also from my 2016 quarter one Finish Along hosted by Elven Garden Quilts, etc.   I went with a huge list this quarter so let's see how well it works out.

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