Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunkissed Jelly Roll Magic

The working title of this quilt was always Sunkissed Jelly Roll Magic. Even after I cut it from a fat eighth bundle.

The tutorial that started it all is here.

I used a pantograph called frisky feathers. It fit well with the fabrics but it was smaller than I expected (and yes, I was looking right at it when I thought it was bigger). It took awhile to quilt but I think was worth it.

I've gifted it as a birthday gift and will add a picture of the label one of these days. I tried to improv piece but it ended up looking like a ransom note.

Edited to add picture -

Backing is solid gray flannel and I used a light yellow thread on both sides for the quilting.
This was one of the quilts I listed for the Finish Along as well.


  1. It looks so great! Love the quilting pattern!!!

  2. Shanley the quilting is amazing!! Gorgeous quilt :) The ransom note sounds funny!