Friday, June 11, 2010

Sleeping w/ the hula girls

Sleeping w/ the hula girls, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.
Here's a picture that makes my heart grow two sizes. It was sent to me a couple of weeks ago with permission to share but I had to track down the other pics to share the full story.

This is a quilt I made 2 years ago for the children of one of my bestest friends. It's actually a scrap quilt since it's made from the leftover pieces of a quilt I made for her dad. The hula theme was perfect for that family although the fabric store people were quick to tell me that my fabrics didn't match (like that matters for a luau!).

So here is the original quilt for Tom -

Tom's Quilt, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern and I made extra blocks because I was rushing to get it done before we went to visit him when he was sick.

This little guy was born the year after Tom (Papa) passed away. This quilt used all the extra blocks for a nice sized kid blanket which is called the Papa Quilt by the three boys now. I'm 87% sure that the blue border on the small one is the leftover from Tom's Quilt and I used the same quilting pattern of a wave and a loop on both.

Hulu Girls - Small, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.
I love to see the quilts in use. (HINT HINT, people)

Now before you all start thinking I'm nice and what not, please know that all three quilts currently in my view (and in various states of progress) are mine, ALL MINE.


  1. Got a little teary eyed... I miss Tom.

  2. So, you like it when someone uses your quilts, eh? I was just chatting with you on line and was going to tell you that Heidi remarked, with feeling, this weekend how very warm your quilts are. She slept under my 30th birthday gift on the couch and with no other blankets! In San Francisco! I did not take a picture of her slumber under the quilt - dommage!