Saturday, January 19, 2013

Giant Starbursts

I finished two more blocks for my Starbursts quilt to add to blocks from the SD Bee . I love the bright cheery scrappiness so thanks everyone! Since the sun is coming with warmth these days, I laid them out on my deck to see how it is coming together.

Umm, the answer is awesome and HUGE. This is almost half of the blocks. They are not trimmed down since I need to match the thin white strips but still. It's going to be about 78" x 91" and I am not great at imagining what that actually looks like. So I was a bit surprised today. I have a bunch to make myself and the rest are trickling in. I'm not in a hurry though so don't need to rush anyone.


  1. After seeing this, I was thinking about red/yellow and orange/pink for my blocks, but you can still choose what you prefer...
    I hope to get to them this week!

  2. Love it! Makes me want the candy though... nomnom

  3. It will be so pretty and cheerful. I'll be watching as it develops.