Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pillowcases for the Orphans

Pillowcases, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.
So I just hired a gal with the agreement that we'll giver her a few months off to go to Kenya to take care of orphans every couple of months. She gave a lovely presentation at lunch one day to give everyone an idea of why she's called to do this. It inspired us to turn the lunch room into a sweat shop* for pillowcases for the kids at the home. So I brought in a bunch of fabric (lots from Annette, thank you!!!!!!!) and an extra sewing machine, rotary cutter, mats, pins, etc. We started a regular little assembly line and completed 28 pillowcases in time for her next trip. We got in a new influx of fabric for the last week but were slowed down a bit by the supervisor's table. Lots got really involved although some of the guys wanted to be clear they were not sewing so referred to whomever was rotary cutting the fabric as "The Architect".

We'll put together a few more to send with another staff member who is going for a short volunteer stint in a few months.

* The sweat shop did not use forced labor (much) and was freezing most days due to a huge HVAC project that's going on in the building.

**  I'll try to put up a replacement picture when they are delivered.

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