Sunday, March 11, 2012

Progress, Progress and More Progress

I made a lot of progress on projects this weekend. I finiahed a top, quilted three projects and loaded another on the frame. Be warned, phone pictures galore below.

First up, my completed top from a precut pack of squares of Wrenly. Or as I might name it, ChirpFest 2012.

I quilted sea weed on the second Going Coastal, I know I should branch out on the designs but when it works, it works. I pieced three pieces of flannel for the back of this one. The binding is ready for some hand stitching now.

The second bit of quilting was super custom and I can't show it for a little bit more.

And can I just say, hot damn, stippling is FAST. This is the flannel backing on one of those quilt tops. You know, the tops that find you because a friend of a family member hears you are quilting. It's been in a box for a few years and I decided it needed to move along. Of course it helped that I found the flannel for $2.50 a yard recently. And it might be a good one to try machine binding again.

If we hadn't been under constant threat of attack by the cats living in the house, I might have stippled this one to death as well.

According to my handy Excel spreadsheet, I am 56% done on this year's quilts. Nevermind that I haven't finished much.

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  1. Please tweet about ChirpFest. I do heart that one lots!