Sunday, July 8, 2012

Third Round

I did well in the second round of the Finish Along. Five of the seven projects that I listed are now done. So this quarter I'm going big. Not just quilting projects but a few other projects in process.

1. For hopefully the final time, Arabella Diamonds. It really is just a little more quilting in the borders and ditches, binding has been ready for ages.

2. Lightning's quilt from Salt Air

3. Polka Dot Whirlygiggle

4. Hometown 1

5. Hometown 2

6. Greek Crosses

7. Receiving Squares 2

8. Kitchen curtains - these are two contenders for the job. I have the measurements from deconstructed panels that came with the house.

9. Fiori pouch

10. Studio


  1. Wow you're on fire!! Wouldn't surprise me if you got all that done ;)

  2. oooo if you get that studio done I will be uber impressed...oh btw I like thte curtain fabric on the right! I am sure you were wondering my opinion....LOL

  3. You have some fabulous quilts in progress! I love Sweetwater fabrics and I am very intrigued to see those two quilts come together! Also LOVE those polka dot whirlygigs - fantastic! Good luck with your goals this quarter :)