Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jungle Links

A co-worker's wife is due any minute and while it has been impossible to get any useful nursery information from him, she stopped by the last day of work and mentioned monkeys on the walls. I got a great selection from Hawthorne Threads.

I used a block from Modern Blocks and managed to keep this one baby sized at a little over 41 inches square.

The book recommends flipping the bottom strip on the block to make them line up but I liked them offset. I also left off the pesky side strip and just put a 3 inch strip to sash. Hmm, and I cut the center squares larger. I guess i used it more as inspiration really.

I've got a green flannel for the back and probably will bind in hot pink. If my cold meds kick in then I might hike over to Pippi (my longarm) and get it quilted up today too. I suspect it will take as long to quilt as it will to load it.

Also I noticed that I blogged half as much this year and have 3 times as many followers now.  If I stop blogging altogether I would probably be crowned Empress of the World.  Since I'm not ready for that kind of fame, I will try to blog just enough to stay incognito.

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  1. Rofl! Please don't stop blogging, I love your blog! Great quilt - those are gorgeous fabrics :o)