Monday, September 2, 2013


And yes, I was just discussing soccer cleats with a kid but this is mostly to memorialize the fact that I am crazy.  And I did meet the deadline for the quilt show.  Even though I decided to get up early today (not the crazy part, I usually get up early) and go add some quilting to on of the San Diego Quilt Show quilts.

photo (1) 

 My big machine, Pippi, has been a little jerky lately so I didn't want to risk deformed tulips so for most of these, I took one stitch at a time. Good thing I love orange tulips, right? I also had to cut part of the sleeve in half to move it out of the way of the mad last minute quilting. Which necessitated some last minute ugly repair. Good thing those sleeves are coming off as soon as the show is over.

And now, I need to restore order to my sewing room.  At least a little bit.

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