Sunday, January 15, 2017

Charity Sewing Day(s)

2017 : Do Something.   

As many of you know, I don't agree with certain things that are going on these days.   So I'm doing something about it.   Actually lots of little things, which added together, will change the world.   Maybe only my minuscule part of it but I believe that matters.   I believe the good that I can add to the world matters.   So we start.   Or continue.  

This year, once a month, I will open up my sewing studio, the Carriage House, and host a sewing day.  On that day we will sew for a specific charity or two or thirty-seven (good is limitless).   The first of those days was today, January 15th.    I chose two causes and we started.

Seven of my friends showed up, at various times and stayed as long as they could.   Some have been quilting for years, some for months and for some it was their first introduction.   There was some ironing, some cutting, some hand stitching and some piecing.   Everyone did something and worked toward a common good.

The first group we are donating to is the refugee community.   I would like to be very clear that some of the national rhetoric and spewing of hate and otherizing does not reflect America.   It does not reflect me.   It does not reflect many that I know.    So here's a little welcome to some family who might be missing their first home, who might be feeling a little out of place and unsure.   So we say -

You are Welcomed
You are Loved
You are One of Us

We will be donating the quilts later this month after the labels arrive and are added.  I am so very happy to report that we will be donating 15+ quilts after this day.   Some I have been rounding up from previous sewing.

This one was finished today -

The backing for another was finished and quilting has been started on it -

Binding was started and nearly completed thanks to four different people on these two quilts -

And then there is the series that I privately refer to as We've Got Your Back.   I've pulled out the tubs of flannel from quilt backings of past quilts and started cutting them into useful sizes.   8 1/2 squares, 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 rectangles, 3 1/2 squares and 2 1/2 strips.    Blocks for 1 full top and 3 partial tops were completed today.    And a whole lot more squares were cut by someone who had never picked up a rotary blade before today (and might still not know that's what it is called).  

The other community we sewed for is a local LGBTQ project.   The blocks were originally started after the Pulse nightclub tragedy but these quilts will go to our local community.  (tutorial)   I'm talking with some friends who will know the best way to distribute.     It's just a few more blocks to add to the rainbow blocks already done.   Love is love is love.   Even when it might not look like the way you love.

It's hard to explain how putting this event together makes me feel.   Hopeful.   Proud.   Delighted with how many busy people showed up.  Anxious to do more.  

So as you go through your own busy day, look around.   There is someone you can help.  There is someone who has helped you and you can show some gratitude.   A little thank you can encourage even the crankiest to do a little something.   Sew a little colorful block for us to add to a few other colorful blocks.    Plant a pepper.   Lend a hand.

It's for humanity.

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