Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SDMQG Sewing Day

SDMQG Sewing Day, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.
I was able to attend (although was very late) our guild sewing day. The space is great, plenty of room for us to spread out and sew. I managed to finish the backing for the little ragged circles baby quilt and threw a couple of precuts in my bag just in case. Lucky that I did since I didn't manage to bring any of the other projects I've been working on.   It was quite handy to have a whole store to pick from for the neutral to go with this jelly roll of Origins.

According to my handy dandy excel tracking sheet, I have to finish a quilt every 21 days in order to meet my goal of 24 this year. Umm, yeah. I should be at 8 finished and I'm at a whooping 1. One. It's fine, who doesn't want a whole lap full of quilt to bind just as the summer gets ready to show up? Might be a year to perfect the art of attaching both sides of the binding by machine.

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  1. one quilt every 21 days?...no problem! (who needs sleep?) :)