Monday, October 3, 2011

NICU quilt and a little experiment

photo.JPG by shanleytulip
photo.JPG, a photo by shanleytulip on Flickr.

I'm testing block sizes for a little quilt for the NICU. My inspiration was this one but I've got to decide between the sizes. It should be quick, easy and maybe adorable.

Now for the experimenting. San Diego is really letting us down in the way of flannels lately and I like the back of a quilt to be snuggly. So I used a coupon to get some aqua minkee on Sunday (egged on by SBoIC). I'm going to pit the quilting frame against the minkee and see who wins. If they turn out to be best friends, I'm going to need stock in minkee. Or just stocks of minkee. Of course, that stuff sheds like mad so all my quilt sizes will have to be based on me never cutting it myself.


  1. I like the fussy-cutted one. I like both the border and the full bike. But I've been drawn to white quilts lately too.

  2. I love that bike fabric. I just purchased a bit of it and have no idea what to use it for. Good luck with the minky. I hate how it sheds too but it quilts up wonderfully.