Monday, November 14, 2011

Triangle Quilt, Triangle Quilt

It was a dark and stormy morning and  by that I mean it was raining lightly and there was no way I was going to leave the house.  It was too much fun staying home and being blamed for the rain by Matilda.

So I started with this Minkee I got on sale recently -

to this initial grouping (ignore the stacks in the back) - 

to some really bad math.  I need 99 triangles, no wait, I need 396.  Damn it, I'll just lay them out.  Oh, I need 180.  Ok, well here's the first batch -

and here they all are with a dog that is still irritated I'm spraying her with water every time she wants to go outside -

And voila, the next morning, the sun is back and the triangles are attached.  I did consider renaming the quilt from "Triangle Quilt, Triangle Quilt, Doing the Things a Triangle Can" to "What's the Point" but it's a baby quilt and everyone knows that babies don't mind mismatched points.

And look a couple do match up just to be show offs.

The nice thing is that almost everything was scraps.  I had a scrap bag of oranges, yellows, reds and pinks.   Some of them were big enough for cutting a triangle but some were not so I pieced them and then cut the triangles.  Scrappy, random and quickish.  Not too shabby for a rainy Saturday.

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  1. I LOVE minky, and that minky is about the cutest I've seen! What a cute scrappy baby quilt! :)