Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Sew on a Label

Step 1     Print label on white cotton
Step 2     Edge with pretty scrap from front of quilt
Step 3     Go out to sewing room to find needle.
Step 4     Notice that there is a small lake in front of door due to the current "storm".
Step 5     Enter sewing room and notice that the lake has a tributary inside the room.
Step 6    While sopping up that water, notice that the entire wall has sprouted tributaries.
Step 7     Despite earthquake anchor at the top of new cabinet from Ikea, quickly move the entire cabinet out of harm's way.  Sorry for the new hole, wall.
Step 8     Move shed on outside of wall to give enough space to dig a trench down the entire length of the backyard.  Did I mention that the storm is current?
Step 9     Ensure trench is draining properly.  All lakes and tributaries should be sopped up with towels.
Step 10   Spin towels in washer and put in the dryer.  This is the first day of a projected four day storm.
Step 11    Change clothes while contemplating the possible location of a rain jacket.
Step 12    Whipstitch label to back of quilt.

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