Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love U Cut Stack

IMG_1908, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

The colors of this collection are just fun. I'm pretending to branch out to white fabrics by using the white with red dots as the background fabric for the whirlygiggles.

White Stack, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

All the charm squares are cut and about half the little squares are together.

IMG_5362, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

See how much better this looks than the mockup? I think with the number of squares that I will end up with and some judicious cutting of the backing flannel, I might even end up with two good size baby/kid quilts. So should I make them mix-y or one cool colors and one warm colors?

IMG_5364, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

Or mix up the fabrics in the whirlys and have two matching quilts?

Thank goodness for magnetic design walls.

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  1. Those are such cute blocks! I love those happy fabrics you're using. I think it's a great idea to do warm/cool quilts, but I would have a hard time separating those cute little fabrics from each other!