Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 hours after starting

12 hours after starting, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

I was invited to a baby shower early last week. Of course I want to make her a quilt but it took a little sleuthing to get colors and a theme picked out. The baby shower is on Tuesday. Who puts the Obsessive Compulsive in Quilting? Me! Of course I started it at 9 pm last night. Here it is 12 hours later. . . and yes, I did get lots of sleep and all that regular life stuff. I just happen to be an early riser. And you can see I'm not going nuts on the piecing design for this one although it already has grown 3 inches since the Excel layout.

It's loaded up on the quilting frame now and I hope to get the quilting started after I run the dogs and do some chores.

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