Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mobile Ironing Board

Small Ironing Board, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

Thanks to a friend of mine who cut a big old shelf in half-ish today, I've just designed my own mobile ironing board. Good for little fiddly bits and avoiding the cold sewing room as much as possible. Because I still do have to choose only two options of light, iron and heat out there.

Basically what I did was take the other half of the piece of wood pictured at the top and cover it with 3 layers of scrap batting from the bins o' batting that are begging to be used. For the bottom two layers I used multiple pieces of whatever would fit. The top layer I did use a solid piece to keep it a little smoother. Then I cut a piece of flannel about 4 inches longer than the wood on each side and stretched it around to the back. I used wire nails to attach the flannel because they were the right length to not stick through the front of the board. It may have been easier to do this step with a staple gun but for me that involved walking over a few blocks to borrow one. And it's cold outside. Ok, maybe it's 53F outside but I have short pants on.

Now I can iron inside the house without worrying that my dog is going to edge me out from the prime spot in front of the heater. You know, when I go to put long pants on.

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