Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Stash #3

Last Order of 2010, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

Today's stash is the last order I placed in 2010. It took forever to get here. Forever. This is my first and last order from, their site is nice and they have a million fabrics, most of these were on sale. A lot on sale actually. And it wasn't the waiting for the order that I minded. They did respond to my email saying they would be late with the order since their clearance sale went much better than expected.

But here's the thing, I ordered two yards of the orange swirly flannel in the back. And they emailed that they didn't have it in one continuous cut. So they gave me the option of paying for an extra 12 inches. I chose what I thought was the option of 2 yards in 1 yard increments. Nope, they sent me an 18 inch piece and cut 12 inches off the 1 yard 30 inch piece. Surely, this is an error and they'll make it right? Nope, not even a real nice apology. Here's the thing, the shipping was sooooo late (and not that cheap) that a little give in the fabric cuts would have made me shrug and say "well, these things happen, no big deal". But without the customer service, it's just not worth shopping with them again. And I can be quite successful in the not shopping at places again, just ask Starbucks and Target.

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