Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Circle Saki Quilt

Circle Saki Quilt, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.

This quilt is for me (I'm selfish and stuff) and I call it Circle Saki because I stole the pattern from Bean, who has one called Summer Mojito. The center fabric is all one piece and I got it on a trip to New York last April. The circles all have shiny gold bits and outlines. So of course, the border stripe had to have gold shiny stripes and the little border and binding couldn't get left out so they have little shiny gold dots. Do you get the feeling that I really do like sparkles?

I had a ton of problems with this quilt including some weird gather in my binding that I had to whip stitch down but I don't mind.  I keep forgetting to put down the sizes of these quilts so here goes.  I think this one is about 66 x 78.

This is quilt number 8 for the year!

Pending Project Countdown: 8
Days Until Deadline: 30

And according to my handy dandy Excel nerdiness, that means a finished quilt every 4.29 days!

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