Saturday, December 5, 2009

Favorite Long Arm Quilting Tools

I'm new to long arm quilting but have already picked my favorite tools.  Nope, not seam rippers or laser lights (although I do love a good laser).  It's actually . . . a LED headlamp and a skateboard.   That's right, headlamp and skateboard.

LED headlamp - great for getting under the quilt on the rails to make sure everything is working well on the back.  And if the top thread is the same color as the quilt top, it helps to see the stitching. Plus, who doesn't look good in a headlamp?

Skateboard - I pin the quilt backing and top to the fabric leaders.  So when I'm putting the top on the leader, it's really close to the floor and I need to smooth it along the whole rail. . . a lot.   It was slow going crawling back and forth.  Solution?  Sitting on a skateboard and rolling back and forth makes the pinning go a lot faster.

Then it's on to the fun part. . .

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