Friday, December 11, 2009

From Excel to Sassy

From Excel to long arm, originally uploaded by shanleytulip.
I've got the Fireworks quilt partially loaded on the frame (who may be named Sassy). Clearly this is one of my kamikaze projects. That means that I take an unrealistic deadline and go crazy trying to meet it. I think this one won't send me straight to the loony bin though.

You can see that it's not too much different from the Excel plan and I'm really happy about that. I decided not to fussy cut the center square fabric because one of my followers said that the white dot was distracting.  And what's the point of having followers if you don't listen to them sometimes?  It's about 84 inches square. . . theoretically.

The quilting plan for now is to try to do some freehand sort of firework is each 12 inch block. We'll see how it goes and if not well, there's always loopy loops.

The back is black flannel and the binding will be red polka dots.

Edit 12/29: Sassy didn't stick as a name.  Mostly it's called Big ______ like Big Momma or Big Bertha.

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